Bez Ambar Designs for Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Orlando, Savannah, and Surrounding Communities

Bez Ambar is considered a true visionary of bridal and high-end fashion jewelry, having introduced an array of original design ideas since making his foray into the industry three decades ago. Many in the business credit Ambar as the original creator of the modern princess cut diamond, as well as the pioneer of the pave and micro pave diamond ring settings. One of the designer’s most recent innovations is the “Blaze” cut diamond, which has 13 major facets that produce larger, brighter bursts of lights than many other traditionally cut diamonds.

International Diamond Center proudly offers a wide selection of diamond rings featuring “Blaze” cut diamonds, as well as countless other Bez Ambar pieces at our jewelry showrooms located in Tampa, Winter Park, Savannah, and other nearby communities. Whether you’re searching for an engagement ring with a distinctive design, or you’re hoping to find a unique bracelet or pendant to add to your collection of fashion jewelry, we’re sure to have just what you’re looking for in our unparalleled inventory of Bez Ambar diamond jewelry.

Our friendly sales associates are happy to assist you as you shop, and because they are all certified diamontologists, they can educate  you on selecting a piece of jewelry with an ideal diamond. While we’re always available to offer guidance during your shopping experience, you’ll never feel pressured to make a purchase, as you may at other jewelry stores.

Contact us today to learn more about our selection Bez Ambar designs, or visit any of our showrooms located throughout the Tampa Bay, Orlando, and Savannah areas.