Diamonds – A History with Mystery

List of World Famous Diamonds

Legends and tales of folklore have always been woven with verses that were conceived through embellishment and interpretive imagination over an extended period in time. Petrified carbon crystals, millions of years old, eventually rise to the surface of the earth persuaded by internal forces of heat and pressure. Time is a key element in each of these statements. Carbon is also a key element here, an element that yields graphite, a very soft mineral, and the diamond: the hardest known crystal substance on earth.

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Stewart Diamond Darya-I-Nur Sister Diamonds Star of The South Diamond The Dresden Green Diamond The English Dresden Diamond
The Hope Diamond Jonker Diamond Nazim Diamond The Orloff Diamond The Pasha of Egypt Diamond
Regent Diamond Shaw Diamond Taylor Burton Diamond Tiffany Diamond The Cullinan Diamond
The Excelsior Diamond Great Mogul Eureka Diamond Florentine Diamond Koh-I-Nor Diamond
The Sancy Diamond Star of South Africa      

Whether fact or fable, intriguing stories have risen up over the ages concerning the king of all gems. Rather than focus our attention on evaluating each of these stories for accuracy and fact, we’ll instead leave them basically intact and examine them for their imaginative merit and attempt to learn what we can from the fascinating and odd details that add up to their sum. These are, in fact, just stories, stories that surround the most mysterious and fascinating travels of early prospectors who sought out this most elusive treasure. Fortunes were built in an instant and fell just as quickly when some of these famous diamonds changed hands.

Imagine a cavernous pit, so deep that the bottom is not visible from the perimeter above. In the hold, loose gems and treasures lay in wait. Unable to reach these hidden treasures tribesman threw pieces of raw animal flesh down into the pit so falcons and other birds of prey could swoop down to retrieve the bait. The legend continues to say that these gems would then become attached to the meat and would be drawn up and out of the pit when these large birds flew back up to the surface. How these gems were then wrestled away from these scavengers was never explained. One would need to track them all the way to their nesting places, high in the mountains. Equally mysterious is how polished and finished gemstones might have collected in the bottom of the pit in the first place. Legends require a lot of faith, and in most cases, blind faith is the best kind. Let’s allow our imagination to wonder freely as we avoid our natural tendency to rationalize everything we hear or read, in an effort to appreciate some of these remarkable and/or far-fetched stories.