Martin Flyer Bridal Jewelry for Tampa Bay, Orlando, Clearwater, Savannah, and Beyond

Martin Flyer, one of the most recognizable designer names in the fine jewelry industry, is a family-run business now in its third generation and based in Manhattan’s diamond district. For 65 years, the company has handcrafted beautiful bridal jewelry using only the finest precious metals and Hearts and Arrows™ ideal cut diamonds. International Diamond Center proudly carries a wide selection of Martin Flyer rings at our showrooms located throughout the Tampa, Winter Park, and Savannah areas. Some of our most popular bridal sets are those from the FlyerFit ® collection, which was first introduced in 2006, and  features engagement rings and wedding bands that are enhanced with the trademarked FlyerFit® technology. This technology was specifically designed to allow the rings to fit together seamlessly, without any gapping. International Diamond Center carries beautiful engagement rings and wedding rings from all five of the different FlyerFit® collections, and we’ll be happy to offer you professional advice and tips as you search for the perfect Martin Flyer bridal set to symbolize the beginning of your life together as a married couple. Our sales associates are all certified diamontologists and can help you select a design with a quality diamond that meets your expectations. We also have our own selection of dazzling loose stones, and if you’d like, we can place the diamond of your choice in a designer setting. To learn more about our loose diamonds or our selection of Martin Flyer bridal jewelry, contact International Diamond Center today or visit a location near you in the Tampa Bay, Orlando, or Savannah area.