Diamond Ring for Melbourne, Deltona, Palm Harbor, Holiday, Kissimmee & Beyond

Diamond RingWhen it comes to purchasing a diamond ring, it’s important that you work with a jeweler who understands the aesthetic you have in mind. At International Diamond Center, we are more than just a jewelry store. Whether it’s for an engagement ring, wedding ring or to commemorate an important milestone, our team of highly skilled jewelers, experienced buyers and knowledgeable associates will help you find the perfect gift to surprise your loved one on any occasion.

When it is time to select the perfect diamond for your engagement ring, wedding band or other fine jewelry piece, there are several factors at play including the style of the setting and the cut of the diamond. While our jewelers can control the setting, style and cut of diamond, only nature’s processes can control the other criteria of the remaining Four C’s. The Four C’s outline the standards for a flawless diamond and include the following:

  • Color — Diamonds are “graded” by color ranging from a colorless “D” to a very light yellow “Z”. The ideal diamond falls within the “D” through “F” range for a colorless gem. In short, the less color is visible, the more valuable your diamond ring becomes.
  • Carat — Despite the popular notion that the carat of the gem in your diamond ring reflects its size, this unit of measurement actually describes the total weight of the stone in a diamond ring, earring or other jewelry item.
  • Clarity — Similar to color, diamonds are also “graded” by their clarity. The size, nature, location and amount of flaws and impurities determine this grade and ultimately affects the price tag.
  • Cut — Unlike the color or clarity of a diamond, the cut is controlled by a master craftsman at a jewelry store. At International Diamond Center, we know how to enhance a diamond using an ideal, shallow or deep cut stone.

International Diamond Center is one of the most trusted names in engagement, wedding and fine jewelry for those in the Southeast. Our conveniently-located jewelry store showrooms allow for guests throughout Melbourne, Deltona, Palm Harbor, Holiday, Kissimmee and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about our diamond ring inventory, special offers and more.