Diamonds for the Tampa Bay Area – The Stunning Endless Hearts Diamond Cut from International Diamond Center

Diamonds International Diamond Center proudly carries an impressive inventory of brilliant loose diamonds for our Tampa Bay customers. Our certified diamontologists can educate you on the many intricacies of selecting and purchasing a loose diamond, and will guide you through our expansive selection of dazzling stones. Whether you want to create a custom engagement ring with one of our quality diamonds placed in a designer setting, or you want to upgrade your ring’s diamond on your wedding anniversary, we can help you find a diamond that appeals to your needs and your personal taste. We have diamonds in all shapes and sizes, including our exquisite, one-of-a-kind Endless Hearts diamonds. Featuring a gorgeous, symmetrical cut created by our own diamond experts, these diamonds are exclusively available to Tampa Bay customers who shop with International Diamond Center. The Endless Hearts diamond cut adds an additional 23 facets to the original 58 facet ideal cut, for a total of 81 sparkling facets on a gorgeous, round-shaped stone. This unique diamond cut allows light to shine through the stone in such a way the any internal impurities and inclusions become invisible, for a breathtakingly beautiful diamond incomparable to any other stone in today’s market. To learn more about our Endless Hearts diamonds, Tampa Bay customers can contact us today, or visit any Tampa-area International Diamond Center showroom. We have locations in Clearwater and Tampa, as well as throughout the Orlando and Savannah areas, where we also offer an expansive inventory of designer engagement rings, pendants, bracelets, and other fine jewelry.