Engagement Ring Styles From International Diamond Center

There are so many engagement ring styles to choose from that it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Following is an overview of the most common styles on the market. International Diamond Center carries many engagement rings in these styles and more, making it easy for you to pick out the ultimate engagement ring.

Classic/Traditional – Traditional engagement ring styles include classic solitaire ring and wedding set rings. Traditional solitaire rings are made using a single diamond; however, traditional engagement rings that are part of a wedding set usually contain various small diamonds in prong settings, channel settings, baguette detail or three stone on either side of the large diamond.

Vintage/Antique – Vintage engagement rings are made to look as if they were made in the 18th or 19th century. These engagement ring styles are intricate and usually features numerous small diamonds set in a halo around the center stone, pave settings, milgrain or side diamonds. However, diamonds are often not the only stone used in a vintage style engagement ring; other popular stone options include pearls, emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

Modern – Modern engagement rings are typically simple yet creative. Engagement ring styles of this nature include channel set, baguettes, open shank and some solitaire engagement ring settings.

Contact our engagement specialist with your questions regarding engagement ring styles or to make an appointment to see the rings in person. All IDC sales associates are certified diamontologist and happy to walk you through the stages of selecting the perfect engagement ring style and diamond for the ultimate engagement experience.