Engagement Rings for Those in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens & Nearby Locations

Engagement RingsYou’ve most likely heard our International Diamond Center motto “Before you ask her, ask us”. Shopping for engagement rings is an exciting and memorable event your life. With so many different engagement rings to choose from, shopping for the perfect ring is often time-consuming and overwhelming. The experts at International Diamond Center are available to answer any questions and guide you in selecting the perfect ring for your bride and your budget. Our expert buyers work with only the most respected distributors of wholesale diamonds to ensure our high standards are met, when we bring wholesale diamonds into our inventory.

All of our sales associates at International Diamond Center are certified diamontologists with extensive knowledge about diamonds including diamond mining, the diamond cutting process, wholesale diamonds distribution and more. They can explain in detail how the combination of four characteristics determines the value of the diamond in engagement rings. Often referred to as the Four C’s of a diamond, they include the cut, clarity, carat and color of the diamond. The color of the diamond is how close to colorless it is. The color grading systems ranges from D-Z. The diamond color grading scale follows:

  • D E F -Colorless
  • G H I J-Near Colorless
  • K L M-Faint Yellow
  • N O P Q R-Very Light Yellow
  • S T U V W X Y Z-Light Yellow

Our sales associates are familiar with all the engagement rings in our inventory and can direct you to rings that fall within your budget. If you aren’t sure which style of ring your bride-to-be would prefer, we can offer style suggestions based on information about her that you provide. The International Diamond Center mission is “to empower consumers, while making the purchase of a diamond the romantic and exciting experience it should be”. See how we can help you make her dreams come true. If you live you in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and nearby locations, schedule your appointment today.