Gold Coins Store in Clearwater, Tampa, Orlando, Savannah & Neighboring Cities

Gold Coins StorePeople often go to a gold coins store to buy or sell coins. Coin collectors and investors know that International Diamond Center has earned its excellent reputation for fine jewelry and is known as the best place to buy and sell coins. An extensive inventory of gold, silver and platinum precious metal coins and bullion can be found at all International Diamond Center showrooms. Our buyers are always interested in adding to our collection. Not only do we buy precious metal items to sell in our stores, we also have buyers throughout the industry who rely on us as their supplier. That’s the reason you will receive more value from International Diamond Center than from any other gold coins store.

Have you ever thought, “I wonder if I should sell my jewelry and buy something new”? Every day people come into our locations, meet with our buyers, sell their items and walk out with either an exquisite new piece of jewelry or more money than they came in with.

We carry astounding collections of both fine jewelry and fashion jewelry from the most sought after designers including:

  • Tacori
  • Pandora
  • Bez Ambar
  • LeVian

Unlike the experiences you may have had at other jewelry stores or at a gold coins store, you won’t feel pressured to make a purchase or sell your item at International Diamond Center. We will assist you and provide information when asked, but you are free to just browse the incredible selection throughout our showrooms.

Visitors at any of our International Diamond Center locations including Clearwater, Tampa, Orlando, Savannah and neighboring cities are treated with the upmost respect from every member our team. If you’ve thought, “I want to sell my jewelry” or are looking for a reputable gold coins store, contact us today.