How to Choose a Diamond for Those in Tampa, Clearwater, Orlando, Savannah, Port St. Lucie & Surrounding Cities

How to Choose a DiamondIf you are looking for information on how to choose a diamond, International Diamond Center can help. We are the diamond experts, and our staff of experienced buyers and knowledgeable sales associates are on hand 7 days a week to help you choose a diamond that meets your unique tastes and needs. Get started now by viewing our diamond buying guide below.

How to Choose a Diamond

Cut: Often one of the first items considered is the cut, or shape, of the diamond. There are several different cuts to choose from including marquise, cushion, emerald, asscher, princess, oval, pear, round and more.

Clarity: The clarity of the Diamond is also very important to many shoppers and refers to the amount of imperfections in the stone. A flawless stone will be more costly than one with minor inclusions, but oftentimes, these inclusions aren’t visible to the naked eye.

Color: The color of the diamond is also of significance when choosing a diamond. While white diamonds are more valued by from a lack of color, colored diamonds are more sought-after when they are rich in color.

Carat Weight: The weight, or size, of the diamond is the final, but certainly one of the most important, factors to consider. While diamonds are more valuable when they are larger, the size of the diamond you choose is entirely up to your fashion tastes (or budget).

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