Loose Diamonds for Tampa Bay, Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Savannah, and Beyond

Loose DiamondsInternational Diamond Center offers an impressive collection of certified loose diamonds at our locations throughout the Tampa Bay, Orlando, and Savannah areas, where our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always available to assist our customers. Whether you’re looking for a stone to complete a designer engagement ring setting you have selected, or you are interested in a beautiful pair of diamond stud earrings, we’ll help you find just the gem or gems that meet your expectations in our collection of 12,000  brilliant loose diamonds. All of our sales associates are certified diamontologists who can offer you sound, professional advice as you browse our selection of loose diamonds. Our diamontologists will be happy to educate you on the following five diamond characteristics:

  • Diamond Carat – this is the universal measurement of weight for a diamond and is divided into 100 “points,” so, for example, a diamond of 65 points weighs .65 carats.
  • Diamond Clarity – indicates how pure a diamond is, meaning the amount of flaws the stone has when magnified 10 times.
  • Diamond Cut – alludes to the proportions, symmetry, and polish of a diamond, which affect how light enters and is reflected by the stone
  • Diamond Color – refers to how colorless (or white) a diamond appears and is defined in gradients based on the alphabet and beginning at D, which is the clearest
  • Diamond Certification – a grading report given by the Gemological Institute of America, an independent gem laboratory that determines the quality of loose diamonds.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect stone, we’ll be happy to place it in a designer setting for you. We proudly offer one of the largest inventories of designer engagement rings and other fine jewelry in the Southeast.Contact us today to learn more about our incredible selection of loose diamonds, designer jewelrydiamond shapes and cuts available at our showrooms in Winter Park, Clearwater, Savannah, and nearby communities.