Princess Cut Diamond Rings for Those in Jupiter

Princess CutSecond only in popularity to the brilliance of a round cut diamond, princess cut diamond rings are amazing because the pointed corners and facets of the square shaped diamonds reflect light. International Diamond Center has an incredible selection of princess cut diamond rings from the most famous jewelry designers in world. The square or rectangular shape of diamonds with a princess cut makes it perfect for numerous setting styles including solitaires, three-stone settings and channel set bands.

Recent trends have shown cushion cut halo engagement rings are becoming more popular. Square shaped with rounded corners and large facets, a cushion cut resembles a pillow and sparkles brilliantly. If a vintage or antique look is what you are looking for, our collections featuring cushion cut halo engagement rings is where you will most likely find the ring of your dreams.

In addition to princess cuts and cushion cuts, we carry an astounding selection of diamonds of every shape and size. Below are several of the other diamond cuts in our International Diamond Center collection:

  • Asscher
  • Emerald
  • Marquise
  • Oval
  • Pear
  • Heart

Did you know that, if you ever want to upgrade to a bigger or better quality diamond in your princess cut diamond ring or any other piece of diamond jewelry from International Diamond Center, we give you 110% of your original purchase price of the diamond towards your new diamond? Many couples take advantage of this benefit to upgrade their wedding rings in celebration of their 10th, 20th or 30th anniversaries. The 110% Lifetime Value Upgrade, along with the International Diamond Center’s 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and Best Price Guarantee, are just a few of the many reasons jewelry buyers in Jupiter feel confident when they make a purchase from International Diamond Center. Contact us to upgrade your diamond today!