Promise Ring in Tampa, Orlando, Savannah, Port St. Lucie & Neighboring Regions

Promise RingIf you want to show your devotion, love and commitment to your romantic partner with jewelry, but your relationship hasn’t progressed to the engagement stage, a beautiful promise ringfrom your local International Diamond Center jewelry store is the perfect choice. We have an array of styles, gemstones and price points available on promise rings that are sure to meet any need or desire. 

Whether you are a seasoned jewelry shopper or are visiting an International Diamond Center location for the first time, you will be amazed at the knowledge of our courteous staff of certified diamontologists and gemologists. They allow you time to browse on your own and offer to guide you through the selection of your promise ring without pressuring you into making a purchase.

Rings come in many different variations and International Diamond Center has the largest selection of diamond jewelry than any national chain. More than 10 different ring styles are in stock including the following:

  • 3-stone settings
  • Art deco settings
  • Vintage settings
  • Classic solitaire settings
  • Settings with sidestones

With so many choices available in jewelry designs, looking for the perfect piece can be overwhelming. International Diamond Center has valuable resources available to you. In addition to our knowledgeable staff and our showroom locations, information on the quality of diamonds is available on our website. A basic understanding of the “Four C’s” of diamonds is very important whether choosing a diamond promise ring or a wedding ring. The combination of cut, color, clarity and carat is what determines both the value and beauty of a diamond.

International Diamond Center includes the “5th C” as an important factor when purchasing a diamond. The “5thC” is certification that a diamond is genuine. All of our International Diamond Center jewelry store locations in Tampa, Orlando, Savannah, Port St. Lucie and all neighboring regions carry a full line of certified diamonds. Learn more about everything you need to know about purchasing a promise ring now. Contact us today!