Wholesale Diamonds for Those in Port St Lucie, Jupiter, Vero Beach & Surrounding Regions

wholesale diamondsDon’t get fooled by advertisements for wholesale diamonds at rock bottom prices. Diamond mining companies sell diamonds to diamond cutting companies who sell them to wholesalers. Wholesalers do not sell wholesale diamonds directly to the public. Instead, they sell to retailers. Should you see an online advertisement of wholesale diamonds for sale to individuals that you think appears to be too good to be true, you are probably right.

Who would know better about wholesale diamonds than Keith LeClerc, the founder of International Diamond Center? Prior to opening his first International Diamond Center more than 25 years ago, Keith gained an extraordinary amount of jewelry industry experience. He was a diamond wholesaler supplying diamonds to jewelry stores. He also owned diamond cutting operations in Brazil and Israel, and he was a partner in a fine jewelry manufacturing company. As he moved into the retail jewelry business, he used his experience and relationships from the gold and diamonds industries to inventory and sell loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings and other diamond jewelry from only the most respected diamond mines, cutters and wholesalers.

Shoppers coming to International Diamond Center for engagement rings have a variety of options available including the following:

  • Jewelry designer
  • Diamond or gemstone quality
  • Ring Style
  • Setting
  • Metal type
  • Budget

While all diamonds at International Diamond Center are high quality, there are four distinct aspects of every diamond that affect the overall value of the stone. These are often referred to as the “Four C’s” of a diamond - cut, color, clarity and carat. The certified diamontologists at International Diamond Center are available to show you these characteristics for each diamond you are interested in viewing.

With access to the most brilliant wholesale diamonds available in the world, you can rest assured that diamond engagement rings from International Diamond Center will shine brilliantly for years to come. For our showroom locations near Port St. Lucie, Jupiter, Vero Beach and the surrounding regions, contact us today.