Advice on Buying an Engagement Ring


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Buying an engagement ring can be an intimidating purchase but at IDC that’s not the case. You've found the love of your life. Now find the ring to match. Our team of experts work together to find her dream ring in the budget of yours! From complete rings staring at $1,000 to custom designer rings - IDC has a stunning inventory of everything in between.



A Word of Advice From IDC Experts: 

“Shopping for a diamond online is much like typical online dating.  You can select every criteria of that person or diamond, but who shows up to dinner will most likely be a mystery.  And obviously online for a reason.”

- Robbie Blue,
Clearwater Store Manager

“A question that I get asked a lot is, are diamonds rare? And my answer is to everyone who asks that- This diamond you are looking at right now was formed millions even billions of years ago deep within our earth. Only through a set of absolutely ideal circumstances, this diamond made its arduous journey from the earth's mantle and beyond its crust to lay concealed for eons. Finally, this nearly perfect carbon crystal was discovered, mined, cut and polished. And now, here it is, in front of you today for you to love for all of its brilliance, uniqueness and if that’s not the definition of rarity, then I have no idea what is.”

- Ryan Weaver,
Millenia Store Manager

“When purchasing your diamond, beauty and rarity is most important. No matter your budget, there is a gorgeous natural diamond for you.In regards to center diamonds, there is only up to go. My greatest advice, especially to younger buyers, is to start off less ambitious and upgrade over time to an amazing diamond that reflects the growth you’ve experienced in your journey together.”

- Sam Janke,
Waterford Lakes Sales Associate

“I - D - C stands for Intelligent Diamond Connoisseur in my mind! Make the right choice and it will make a lifelong dream come true.”

- Ann Sipler,
Gainesville Store Manager

“Collect hints about the engagement ring design she loves (and the finger size), hints from family members and close friends.”
- Navy Ohri,
Waterford Lakes Sales Associate

“I love to compete! Our inventory is like no other! The way I purchase diamonds allows me to pass the best pricing down to my clients. This is how IDC can protect our clients like no other jeweler.”

- Keith Leclerc, Owner 



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