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IDC has joined forces with A. JAFFE, because of their commitment to cutting-edge craftsmanship for the last 128 years. These artisans devote singular care and focus into each engagement ring, wedding ring, and band. Making just one can mean an 80-hour investment. A. JAFFE pays fierce attention to the details, from using incredible raw materials to premium handcrafting, hand setting, and hand polishing processes. The designers also turn to an extended casting cycle, translating to better density and durability for every ring. It’s no wonder they feel confident promising a lifetime warranty to anyone who chooses A. JAFFE.

Brides know and love A. JAFFE for their legendary design features, like the Signature Shank ™ and Quilted Interior ™. These stunning elements balance with delight, made to sit dreamily without tugging and twisting; gleaming as bright as any soulmate’s once-in-forever connection. A. JAFFE’s bridal selection shines light on what’s unforgettable, shaping pieces that illuminate every season of love.