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  • What Rock Should I Rock?

    What Rock Should I Rock?
    We all have our preferences regarding diamond shapes and carat size, but have you considered what may look the best on your finger? Experts say considering your finger shape will lead you to the perfect diamond!  
  • Tampa Wedding Venues

    Tampa Wedding Venues
    Photo by Florida Aquarium The Tampa Bay area offers brides venues that embody Florida, offering historic venues as well as Oceanside venues. B...
  • Where Not to Wear your Ring

    Where Not to Wear your Ring
    We know, we know — you love your ring. But sometimes it’s better to leave your ring in your jewelry box to avoid unnecessary wear and tear and to...
  • Buying a Diamond 101

    Buying a Diamond 101
    The Art of Diamond Buying You’re celebrating a momentous occasion and decide that a diamond is the perfect way to symbolize that moment. It may b...
  • Collecting Pre-Owned Rolexes

    Collecting Pre-Owned Rolexes
    Rolex is the most collected watch in the world, and because the brand has produced so many timepieces for so long, the number of options and the...
  • Bridal Gifts

    Bridal Gifts
    GIVE YOUR BRIDAL PARTY SOMETHING THEY CAN ALWAYS CHERISH If you’re getting married, you know it is an extraordinary time in your life when you ...
  • 7 Tips for Achieving a Gorgeous Ring Selfie

    7 Tips for Achieving a Gorgeous Ring Selfie
    Photo by @superrdasha Whether you’re recently engaged or have been married for decades, we all love to show off our glistening diamonds with ...
  • How to Clean Your Engagement Ring at Home

    How to Clean Your Engagement Ring at Home
    How to Clean your Engagement Ring at Home When you purchase your engagement ring at IDC, you’ll receive unlimited free ring cleanings for life. Ho...
  • Trends 2020

    Trends 2020
    By Jennifer Heebner The Best Baubles for the Season Jewelry looks for 2020 include themes both familiar and fresh, and all are certain to please....