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We choose designers like Tacori, which is rooted in the values of powerful legacy and tremendous love. Tacori instills their signature heart into every inspired design. California artisans take pride in honoring Gilda and Haig Tacorian’s exceptional love story. That’s why each ring is crafted with special care, made unique to last through time.

Placing a happy couple’s legacy in their clasped hands, Tacori’s bridal pieces feel more like customizable art — masterpieces that capture their newlywed twinkle for generations. Paying tribute to Haig Tacorian’s Romanian roots, dantela means “lace;” and the Dantela Collection is Tacori’s captivating take on lace diamond rings. Engineers visually enhance the center diamond to appear 30% bigger, unleashing a mesmerizing heirloom sparkle.


Tacori Fine Jewelry
The Simply Tacori collection lends a modern and touching layer to beloved Tacorian history. After all, when COO and Design Director, Nadine Tacorian, became a bride herself, she couldn’t wait to dream up her own design — a personal spin on her father Haig Tacorian’s Classic Crescent fabric. Truly “T” engagement rings are diamond-inscribed with a brilliant secret: a “T” on the setting that only lovers know. Additionally, from a city lights silver bracelet to rutilated quartz gemstones shimmying within black onyx earrings, Tacori’s selections for fashion jewelry glint with swagger. Tacori even makes a rose gold bracelet that draws on wave-like detailing, letting a wearer feel as if dew drops are misting delicately around their wrist.

Tacori Engagement Rings & Tacori Fine Jewelry