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Gabriel & Co., another one of our skilled exclusive luxury brands, is passionate about fusing craftsmanship and technology — blurring the lines between fine jewelry and art. Taking care to use quality materials that are conflict-free as well as fairly sourced, Gabriel & Co, earth-mines every diamond and gemstone. This designer draws remarkable inspiration from cultural influences around the world; where the enchanting taste and style of each piece is made to reflect the individuality of loving connection.

For the bold bride, Gabriel & Co.’s Free Form engagement ring is an effervescent piece that dazzles anywhere. For the feisty bride, the Double Halo plays up its diamond fire, surrounding the first layer with an applause of gemstones around the center stone. For the effortlessly sophisticated bride, the Straight engagement ring has a wholesome silhouette shaped to grow old together. Gabriel & Co. also designs classic, exclusive, and signature collection bands, ensuring variety glimmers for every groom: the one with quiet, distinguished confidence to the one who's the life of the party.

Those who cherish the beautiful details in life gravitate towards Gabriel & Co.’s fashion jewelry, like their magnificent Bujukan Collection. Just as the Balinese act of persuasion can convey mystical charisma with just a wink or whisper, Gabriel & Co. interprets this vivacious pull through the art of radiance; pieces with handcrafted arcs of gold spheres, mini-cluster diamonds, along with chains of idyllic gold circles.