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How to Stack Necklaces and Bracelets

How To Make Every Look Your Own

The Layering System

One of the strongest trends to ever happen to fine jewelry The Layering System. A simple yet effective way to make every look your own is to layer and stack jewelry to curate your individual style. Bigger than the tennis bracelet, the Y-Necklace, or the statement pendant, because it is all of these together and more! Why wear just one piece of beautiful jewelry when you can wear several? And why let one designer dictate your style when you can combine several and create your own? Change your jewelry and transform your look.

Getting Creative

Layering and stacking gives you the opportunity to get creative and let your own personal flair shine through. Mixing and matching can be a way to dress up or down by using several pieces together to create either a bold or casual look, with just a few subtle adjustments. You can mix styles, metals or gemstones, the options are endless. Even the number of Layers you choose can drastically change the look and feel of the look, add another necklace or two, have fun with your collection of fine jewelry.

The Centerpiece 

To start a layer, choose a center piece that anchors everything and then build the look around it. It could be a spectacular necklace, a bold ring, a watch, or a cuff bracelet. Everything else flows from there, and that's where the fun begins. You can add texture, color, and dimension, layering in pieces of varying lengths and thicknesses.

The Build

Build the layers in levels, starting with a short chain like a choker and then lengthening them downwards to create a cascading look, ending with a pendant or lariat. It usually starts with 14 inches and goes down to 33 inches. Generally choose an odd number of necklaces, like three or five, but sometimes just two necklaces can work well.

You can stack braceletsstack rings, and layer necklaces as well. Stacking make statements, go big and bold or sleek and soft - it's your stack, stack em' how you feel. 

Stackable Bracelets

Gabriel & Co. Bujukan Yellow Gold Bracelet

Gabriel & Co. Bujukan Yellow Gold Bracelet (0.41 CTW) $1850

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enny Preville 18K Yellow or Rose Gold High Polish Mixed Shape

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Gabriel & Co. Bujukan Yellow Gold Bracelet (0.26 CTW)

Gabriel & Co. Bujukan Yellow Gold Bracelet (0.26 CTW) $1425

Gabriel & Co. Demure White Gold Bracelet (0.63 CTW)

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Stackable Rings

Gab co Stackable Ring

Gabriel & Co. 14K Yellow Gold Plain Twisted Stackable Ring $375

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Tiffany & co rings

Tiffany & Co diamond & pink or blue sapphire band from the Legacy Collection. $2,250.

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