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Diamonds are forever, but sometimes their settings become out of date, or maybe the relationship celebrated by the diamond has ended and the ring is languishing at the back of your jewelry box. Whatever the reason, never waste a perfectly good diamond! If you have an unworn diamond ring, recycle it into something new and beautiful. Let our experts reset it into a new piece of jewelry that will bring you years of wearing pleasure.


For example, sometimes initially the cost of a wedding is the main priority and a budget gets set for the engagement ring, so the stone in the engagement ring is smaller than they would have liked it to be. Maybe a number of years have gone by and the styling of the engagement ring is no longer considered fashionable. Or, maybe the engagement ring has been inherited from a friend or family member, and its style or size doesn’t quite suit the new owner. 


Generally speaking, if the sentiment associated with the diamond is positive, the easiest solution is to reset the stone into another ring. Maybe you’d like to keep a similar style in the ring but change the metal. Or maybe it’s the setting that needs upgrading. If the center diamond is less than one carat in size, add a sparkling frame of pavé to make the center stone appear larger and raise its sparkle quotient. Perhaps turning a solitaire into a three-stone ring is the answer: instead of using tiny diamonds to upgrade the ring, consider adding two side diamonds in a complementary shape, such as trillions, half-moons, or baguettes. Or, go for a non-traditional look and set the diamond in a band with other smaller stones to create an anniversary ring. Looking for women's wedding bands? Check out the best designer wedding rings for women today.

If you already have enough rings to cover your fingers, there are other options!

Why not remove the stone and turn it into a diamond pendant? Any size or shape of diamond can work for this option, from classic rounds, ovals, and pears to fancier marquises, princess cuts, and hearts. The diamond can be highlighted in a simple setting or it can be framed in pavé diamonds or colored gemstones. Our master designers can remove a stone from its setting, create a stylish bezel around it, and add a hidden bail at the back so it can be worn on a favorite chain. If the old setting was yellow gold and you prefer white gold or platinum, the metal can be easily changed to suit your jewelry wardrobe. By designing a complementary setting that enhances the cut of the diamond and accenting it with pave, our jewelers can turn that unworn ring into a stunning new design that will add new options to your jewelry wardrobe. Choose the style that matches your personal taste: romantic filigree and engraving inspired by Victorian times; clean-lined Art Deco looks with geometric lines; or modern free forms with asymmetrical elements!


Finally, to create a piece of jewelry that is totally unique, consider resetting your unworn diamond into a one-of-a-kind pin, brooch, or studs. Picture a perfect golden leaf — maple, oak or gingko — dotted with a single diamond raindrop. Or choose a whimsical, nature-inspired design. 


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Edited & Written by Tufts Communications Nancy Sindot - IDC Magazine