The July Birthstone - Ruby


July Birthstone Ruby


Full of love and passion, the birthstone for the month of July is the King of all Gemstones: the Ruby. The most coveted of gemstones, its name comes from the word “ruber” which means red in Latin. Rubies represent many things such as desire, courage and prosperity. Because of its radiant red color, it is also associated with bold passionate love and vitality (red is the color of blood.) Rubies come in many shades but the most sought after are a darker red with a splash of purple known as “pigeon’s blood.” The ruby is a variation of the mineral corundum, and its red color comes from the element chromium. The redder the ruby, the more chromium it has. Rubies are a 9 on the Mohs scale, the toughest gem next to diamonds which are a 10.

The History

Throughout history rubies have played a part in many cultures. It was known as the “King of Precious Stones” in ancient India where they believed rubies had otherworldly powers and were coveted for the gem’s beauty and rarity. Rubies were traded on the Silk Road and wealthy Europeans who could get their hands on one wore them for good prosperity, greater wisdom and a love full of passion. Rubies are mentioned a number of times in the Bible and have been referred to as the stone of the sun. Both Chinese and Burmese warriors used rubies in their armor to make them invincible. Some believed so strongly in the power of invincibility, they infused the rubies into their skin. Today rubies are the traditional gift of 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. (If you need a little inspo, check out these famous ruby jewelry pieces.)


Ruby Jewelry

Where are rubies found?

The oldest known rubies and the most sought after come from the Mogok area in Myanmar, a region in Asia near Thailand. Other sources of rubies include Thailand, Vietnam, Africa and Afghanistan to name a few. Depending on where the ruby comes from its coloring will be different. For example, rubies from Africa tend to have a dark purple hue while some rubies from Madagascar can take on an orange color.


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