The May Birthstone - Emerald


May Birthstone Emerald


May Birthstone Emerald

Elegant and enticing, the birthstone for May is the Emerald. Known for its earthy vibe, it’s the perfect match for the month of May. You’ve probably heard April showers bring May flowers, and new growth is one thing emeralds are said to represent. They also symbolize rebirth, renewal, youth, love, passion and fertility, among other things.

Where do emeralds come from?

The word emerald comes from the Greek word, smaragdos which translates to “green” or “green gem.” This beautiful gem can be found in different shades of green from light to dark and can have a yellowish or bluish hue depending on where in the world it’s found. Emeralds are mined in places like, Brazil, Africa, Pakistan and more. However, the main place is Colombia, infact emeralds found in Colombia set the standard for other emeralds found elsewhere.

The History of the Emerald

Over history many people and cultures have fallen in love with this enigmatic gemstone. Roman historian Pliny the Elder once said, “nothing greens greener.” In the past people were said to place emeralds under their tongue to help them heal, see the future, or speak better. In ancient Egypt queen Cleopatra didn’t stop at just wearing emerald jewelry, she loved emeralds so much that she claimed many emerald mines as her own. Ancient Incans also treasured emeralds, and the Spanish revered them so much they created, The Crown of the Andes which holds a 24ct emerald! But let’s not forget about the famous Bulgari emerald jewelry collection of Hollywood actress, Elizabeth Taylor!

Emeralds are one of the Big 3 Gemstones, with ruby and sapphire making up the trio. Emeralds are also the only gemstone to have a cut named after it. (Can you name all the gemstone cuts?) The emerald is not only the May birthstone, but is also the traditional gift of a 20th wedding anniversary.


Are you shopping for someone with a May birthday or 20th wedding anniversary? Or maybe treating yourself? Well shine on!

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