The September Birthstone - Sapphire


September Birthstone Sapphire

September Birthstone Sapphire

When you look into a sapphire, what do you see? Deep oceans? Endless blue skies? Sapphires are known for their mesmerizing blue color, but did you know sapphires can come in a variety of other colors? A few include: pink, orange or green (referred to as fancy sapphires.) If a sapphire were to be red, it would actually be a ruby! The origins of the word sapphire are debated and said to come from the Latin word sapphirus, the Greek word sappheiros, the Sanskrit word Sanipriya and Hebrew Sapir.


Over the years sapphires have come to represent many things. Ancient Persians believed the Earth sat upon a sapphire and that’s why the sky was blue. In ancient Greece the gemstone was associated with Apollo and was often worn when people went to visit Oracles. Sapphires were sometimes worn during meditation to impart the wearer creativity and divine inspiration. Sapphires have also been believed to enhance wisdom, purity, truth and protection. They were also used to help with pain, stress and seen as a third eye. Because of this some cultures believed if a person touched sapphires to their eyes, they would be healed.

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Historically, sapphires have been found in Kashmir, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. But they can also be found in Australia, Cambodia and within the U.S., Montana.


Some of the most famous sapphires include: The Star of India, an astonishing 563 carats, the Logan Sapphire, around 423 carats and The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s engagement ring; which used to belong to the trend setting Princess Diana.


Sapphire also doubles as the 45th wedding anniversary gift.


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