Trends 2020


By Jennifer Heebner

The Best Baubles for the Season

Jewelry looks for 2020 include themes both familiar and fresh, and all are certain to please. Collectors can expect to find fringed pieces, rose gold jewelry, oversized earrings, and more. Jewelry designers’ inspiration abounds, with beauty found at home, on fashion runways, in technology (hello, rose gold iPhone!), with celebs on the red carpet, and even through social media, whose influencers love stacking and layering. The best news of all is that there are no strict rules about jewelry wardrobing; whichever style appeals to you is the ideal acquisition. And if you love all of the pieces featured here? Buying a bigger jewelry box is always an option!


 The galaxies provide ample inspiration for jewelry designers. Think celestial themes like stars and moons, or diamond-paved Milky Ways in wearable form. From star-shaped stud earrings to bold brilliant drops to blue titanium rings light enough for comfort but strong enough to hold massive sky-like gems, celestial motifs are abundant in jewelry this year. Need a surefire way to punch up your style? Reach for the stars, or at least a star-themed jewel.


Fine chain in fringe form offers a flirty look in jewelry. Bold, ’80s-infused styles on runways remind us that play is good, and this is where fringe enters the current scene. Think of creations from Oscar de la Renta and Coach as well as fun skirts at Tom Ford. Fringed effects are in fashion in force, giving jewelry designers plenty of inspiration to lengthen jeweled elements. From fringed earrings that nearly hit shoulders to tassel-like pendants that plunge into the neckline, fringe effects are playful and youthful and exhibit a commanding silhouette.


Tiny diamonds make a bigger-than-life statement when dozens, or even hundreds of them are combined together to glisten like moonlight reflecting off the ocean. Shimmering with your every move, pavé diamonds are dominating today’s jewelry looks, from head to toe. Pavé is not a type of diamond cut, but rather a style of setting. The pavé setting, pronounced “pah-vay,” comes from the French word meaning to pave. Small diamonds are set closely together with tiny, discrete prongs holding the stones in place, creating continuous sparkle. Shine on, my friend, shine on!

14kt Rose Gold Mixable Ring, $299 • Memoire Rose Gold Round Hoop Diamond Earrings, $1947 • Fope SOLO Rose Gold Diamond Bracelet, $3655


Call it pink or rose, this sweet color of gold has staying power in the precious jewelry spotlight. Every jeweler’s alloy differs slightly from the next, so the wide variety of hues available is a wonder and a delight. From borderline-reddish mixes to paler carnation varieties, pink gold is modern yet reminiscent of vintage styles. Rose gold enhances stones like amethyst and pink sapphire and makes colorless diamonds pop like no other gem.

The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection Round Diamond Bangle, $4,350


Stacking is not just a trend, but a wave sweeping through the jewelry industry. Multiples of slender stacking bracelets allow you to create a signature look, and mixing chunkier bangles delivers powerful style statements. Whether you’re feeling demure or fierce, you can create a personalized stack that helps define your look of the day. A newer facet in the stacking trend is the emergence of rings with layered effects. While wearing many rings to create your layered effect will always be an option, designers are also creating pre-stacked rings that bring another dimension to the style. Layered-up looks are easier with broad ring options, and fans of bolder combinations take note: simply work a larger cocktail ring or two into this wide-band mix, and your recipe for style success will be complete.