What Rock Should I Rock?


We all have our preferences regarding diamond shapes and carat size, but have you considered what may look the best on your finger? We know that it can feel like a lot of pressure to pick out that dream ring, but we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be! As your local diamond experts, IDC, is here to provide that guidance and support that you need to make the best decision. 

Let’s get you started with some of these insider tips:

  1. The first step is to start looking at an overview of diamond shapes and different engagement rings to see what really speaks to you!  If you are feeling stumped think about your lifestyle and what type of ring would be ideal for your day to day life. You want to look at different metal colors, diamond shapes, and details. Sometimes heartfelt details of a ring can catch your eye or the simplicity of a solitaire. 
  2. Next we recommend coming into one of our nine locations, whether it is for fun or you know what you want, we are here to help you try on your ideal styles and find out what stone shape looks best on you while suiting your personality! Hint - A ring in a case or photo can look very different when on your finger. You might be pleasantly surprised! 

At IDC, you won’t have to spend a day trying on rings.  Our experts will help you through the selection process, guiding you to find the perfect style and shape for your finger.  Here are some helpful hints:


Long and Slender Fingers: Almost any shape diamond & size can be considered, and a medium to thick band is suggested. The marquise shape will make the finger look longer, but a princess or a round stone could be very appealing on a longer finger if larger. Pro tip - If thicker banded engagement rings don’t appeal to you, then try stacking two wedding bands around your engagement ring to make it appear thicker!


    Short Fingers: Certain shapes will make the finger appear longer. Consider a marquise, oval or pear shape that will help elongate the finger.  A rectangular emerald cut can work as long as the size doesn’t overwhelm.Keep in mind nails, if you sport long nails that can make the finger appear more slender to open up other options!


    Wide Fingers: A larger carat size will flatter a wider finger. A rectangular shape is highly recommended, consider an emerald or asscher cut diamond.  Stay away from a longer cut like marquise. An angular design or a diamond cluster ring with a thick band works well on a wide finger. You can also think about  our wedding band trick mentioned above here too if you don’t love thicker bands!





    Small Hands:  No surprise here! Keep the ring proportionate to the hand size. A round, princess-cut, oval, or even a heart-shaped will work well. Again, sometimes heartfelt details of a ring can catch your eye just as a larger center stone would.

    Large Hands:  Free reign! Let your personality take over as a larger hand can carry stronger designs with a bold, and even colorful, style. You could even rock a more modern approach of just a large eternity band for endless sparkle, or a ring stack with more than two wedding bands around an engagement ring. 


    Remember, it is most important that your engagement ring reflects your personal style. As your Local Diamond Experts, IDC can say with confidence that we are here to help you find the best engagement ring for you and your budget!   Our selection, quality, and customer service are unmatched and if you don’t see a ring that you think would suit you, we are experienced in custom designs to make your ring one of a kind. Make an appointment at any of our eleven locations to start trying on your forever ring!

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