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We know, we know — you love your ring. But sometimes it’s better to leave your ring in your jewelry box to avoid unnecessary wear and tear and to keep you and your ring safe. Here are five places to skip your ring.

Beach, Pools and Water

You’ve seen the people walking around the beach with metal detectors, right? Don’t let your ring be the next thing a beach-goer finds. Also, while warm temperatures can cause your fingers to swell, cool water can have the opposite effect. This could make your ring difficult to remove, or cause it to accidentally slide off your finger!

While Cooking and doing dishes

Sorry, this doesn’t mean you’re getting out of dish duty! You should keep ring dishes or holders sprinked throughout your house (like these cuties from West Elm!) especially in the kitchen. Keeping your rings in a safe place while you’re cooking or doing the dishes could save you some heartache. You’ve seen it in the movies, or you may have heard horror stories of a ring going down the garbage disposal – yikes!


Thank goodness for Roombas! Cleaning has come a long way since we watched Cinderella scrub the floors. However, some of the chemicals used during cleaning can damage your ring. If you have precious jewels on your ring, these chemicals can even alter the color of the gemstones. Do yourself a favor and take your ring off while you’re cleaning.

Playing sports

During physical activity, your ring can get damaged or even worse, your ring could injure you! A ring avulsion injury occurs when the skin is torn around the finger due to your ring getting caught on something, so it’s a safe bet to leave it behind while you’re playing sports. Weight llifting is especially hard on your ring as the pressure of the weights can alter your band and even increase the chance of loosening your diamond. Try keeping one of these chic and practical Ring Bandits in your gym back so you always have a safe place to store your ring!

Beauty Routines

Lotions, creams, and moisturizers — oh my! Your diamond ring can become dull from a build-up of beauty products. The bathroom is another great place to have a ring dish. Take off your ring before your beauty routine and make sure to put it back on after you finish that face mask!

Many things can affect your ring. We offer free ring cleanings when you purchase from International Diamond Center. By following these simple tips, you can keep your ring sparkling for a lifetime!