Your Guide to Finding the Best Diamond Stud Earrings


Your Guide To Finding The Best Diamond Stud Earrings

Your Guide to Finding the Best Diamond Stud Earrings

How to Select the Perfect Pair of Diamond Stud Earrings

If you're seeking to indulge yourself or searching for a dazzling gift, diamond stud earrings make a fantastic addition to any jewelry collection.

Selecting the perfect pair, however, can be a bit challenging – especially if you are not well-versed in diamond jewelry and what factors to consider.

Worry not! Our comprehensive guide is here to assist you and will cover diamond stud basics, including budget, shapes, the 4 Cs, metals, settings, size, and more.

Determining Your Budget

First and foremost, establish your personal preferences and budget. Remember, quality is crucial when it comes to diamonds. Aim for the best quality diamond within your budget.

If you can't acquire your dream pair right away, that's ok! Enjoy a more affordable pair for now and opt to purchase your pair at a reputable jeweler with a solid reputation and a trade-up program.

Choosing Your Preferred Diamond Shape

Diamond stud earrings are available in an array of shapes, such as princess, oval, round, marquise, pear, emerald, asscher, cushion, and more.

Princess, Oval, Round, Marquise, Pear, Emerald, Asscher, Cushion


Princess cut diamonds are always brilliant and sparkly due to its faceting pattern, while oval cut diamonds feature an elongated shape that often creates the illusion of a larger diamond.

Round diamonds are the most popular and classic shape, offering exceptional brilliance, while marquise cut diamonds are elongated with a unique, vintage appeal. Pear shaped diamonds combine the round and marquise cuts yet are often more affordable than the round or marquise cut diamonds.

Emerald cut diamond studs offer an elegant, rectangular shape with step-cut faceting and are the ideal cut for showcasing the clarity of a diamond. Asscher cut diamonds also offer the step-cut faceting but in a more vintage, art deco style.

Finally, cushion cut diamond studs combine the best of round and square shaped diamonds and feature soft, rounded edges that provide a romantic appeal.

Understanding the 4 C’s

The Four C's - cut, color, clarity, and carat weight - determine a diamond's quality and value.

  • Cut: This refers to a diamond's proportions and symmetry, both of which greatly impact its sparkle. A high-quality cut enhances the diamond's fire and brilliance, while a poor cut can make it appear dull.
  • Clarity: This relates to the presence of inclusions and blemishes within the diamond. Higher-clarity diamonds have fewer visible inclusions.
  • Color: This pertains to the diamond's hue. The highest quality diamonds are completely colorless.
  • Carat Weight: This indicates the size of the diamond, with options starting at 0.25 CTW and gradually increasing.
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Choosing Your Metal

Popular metal choices include 14k and 18k white, yellow, or rose gold, as well as platinum.

14k gold is more affordable than 18k gold or platinum and is less prone to scratching, making it ideal for people with active lifestyles. But, it does have a lower gold content when compared to 18k gold.

18k gold is 75% gold, which means it is better for those with metal sensitivities. It is also more prone to scratching, but that isn’t a real concern when it comes to diamond stud earrings since the majority of the metal is contained within the prongs and backside of the earrings where it will not often face damage from banging into objects the way a bracelet or ring might.

Platinum is the most durable and resistant to scratches. It is also hypoallergenic to protect those with severe metal allergies. Additionally, it will retain its luster and shine, allowing you to polish it less often over time.


The prong setting holds the diamond and can influence the earrings' overall appearance and durability.

For larger diamonds (over 2 CTW), a 4-prong setting or more is recommended. This will help secure the diamond in place and reduce the risk of losing your diamond stud if a single prong becomes loose over time.

Although prong settings can have up to 8 prongs, most buyers prefer a 3 or 4-prong setting for a secure fit and the illusion of a larger diamond – depending on the cut of the diamond itself.

Choosing Your Size

Consider whether the earrings will be worn daily or reserved for special occasions. For everyday wear, most customers choose something between 0.25 and 1 CTW.

But for special occasions, feel free to choose a larger size that will really draw the eye for a truly eye-catching sparkle.

Additional Considerations

Note that if a pair of stud earrings is listed as 2 CTW, this refers to the total weight, meaning each stud is 1 carat.

Diamond stud earrings are a lasting investment that can be cherished for generations. Keep in mind that it is an investment worth making and confirm the potential for upgrading the size of your diamond studs down the line.

The IDC Guarantee:

We want you to feel confident in your investment. That's why we offer our 110% Lifetime Value Upgrade at International Diamond Center.

With this policy, you can trust that your earrings will retain their value, and you'll always have a stunning piece of jewelry. If you ever decide to trade in or upgrade your diamond studs for a larger or higher-quality pair, we'll apply the full amount of your original purchase price towards the new diamond of greater value. You only pay the difference!

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Find Your Perfect Pair of Diamond Studs Today

Now that you know all about diamond stud earrings, it’s time to find your perfect pair. Browse our online selection or visit the IDC showroom nearest you today to view our complete selection. When visiting our showrooms, you can speak with a dedicated diamond expert who can help you select the perfect diamond studs for you – or your special someone.