Here at International Diamond Center, we have always offered 4 options for when people bring us their jewelry, diamonds, watches, and gold.

Option 1: Cash Offer

If you’re looking to sell your unwanted jewelry, diamonds, watches or gold, just bring it in to one of our locations and have one of our highly trained graduate gemologists or trusted numismatic experts. Upon examining your item(s) our buyer will make you a cash offer to purchase you item(s).


Option 2: Short-Term Loan

Our short-term loan is an easy and straightforward way to get cash now and still have the option to retain ownership of your item(s). With this option, the process and offer are almost identical to our cash offer, the only difference being you are charged a monthly interest rate (typically between 1.5%-10%) on the amount of money that you are given. This option is best suited for someone who has an immediate cash need but wants to retain ownership of their item. All they have to do is pay the monthly interest amount each month and then when they are ready to take back possession of their item(s) they would just pay the original loan amount plus that month’s interest charge.

For example, if a customer was given a $5,000 loan with an interest rate of 5%, their monthly interest charge would be $250. If they desired to take possession of their item(s) during the second month of the loan, they would simply pay $5,250 and they would be given back possession of their item(s), assuming that the first month’s interest of $250 had already been paid, of course.

Option 3: Trade-In

If you have a piece of jewelry or an item that you either no longer wear or feel is out of style and want to freshen up your look by getting a new piece of jewelry then this would be an ideal option for you. We typically give between 20-40% more in total value with a trade-in compared with our cash price.

Option 4: Consignment

If you have an item that you’re interested in selling but don’t have an immediate cash need and are looking to maximize total return on your item then this might be the best option for you, as long as your item is one that fits into our consignment program. Items on consignment will normally yield the customer between 75-90% of the sale price, all of which will be agreed upon at the time the consignment item is received. We typically reserve consignments for items of a particular quality and value. On average items that we take in on consignment will sell between 90-180 days of receiving the item, but in some instances can take up to a year. When you place an item on consignment with us, you always have the option to sell your item outright, trade it towards another piece of jewelry, or request to receive it back. Simply call or email the contact information on the consignment form.

IDC will offer you more than typical pawn shops, jewelers and estate buyers on all jewelry, including:

  • Art Deco, Victorian & Vintage
  • Antique and Signed Pieces
  • Broken and Old
  • Gold, Platinum and Sterling Silver
  • Designer including Tiffany, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Harry Winston, Daivd Yurman, David Webb and more!

Who Is IDC?

In addition to being your local diamond experts, we employ a team of highly trained graduate gemologists and trusted numismatic experts offering the maximum return for your unwanted jewelry, diamonds, watches and gold for nearly 40 years. We provide our customers with in-person professional consultations, top value for their treasured pieces and quick and secure transactions. 

Over 40 Years of Buying and Selling

Not only do we sell jewelry at competitive prices, but we will also buy yours at unrivaled prices. Throughout our 40 years in the business, we have established meaningful connections with buying partners worldwide, so when you choose to sell your items to IDC, you’re sure to get the most value for your pieces.

Fast, Fair and Risk-Free Service

We offer you same-day payment in your preferred method (cash or check) with no hidden fees. Don’t risk sending your valuables in the mail to an unknown buyer — visit one of our nine locations to consult with an experienced and knowledgeable professional that you can trust. We guarantee our offers for your unwanted valuables will on average beat other retailers both locally and nationally.